Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Brandon in North Africa

Hey all,
I just thought I would write and let everyone know I made it to North Africa. I can't get my lovely upc email account to work so I'm using the blog! I guess I'm sort of a two week long Deputees, so it counts! Well, it was a three day long adventure that's for sure. My broken leg came in both useful and annoying. There were times it got me to the front of the line and to the good seats. But I also had to endure being pushed around and stuck in the wheelchair van with those of a much more... well, "experienced", age. Moping around in crutches is a ton of work that's for sure! Well, it is night here and I am headed for the sack. I will meet up with the team in the morning. Hope you are all doing well!
In Him,


Becca said...

Hey Brandon!
We're glad you arrived safely, and that the bum leg isn't too much of a hassle. God works best in our weakness! We sent you an e-mail, but you probably won't get it 'til you get back. We finished our first camp at Carlow - SO much fun - and we'll update the blog once one of remembers the USB cord when we have internet access. We're now in Lucan, and they have a SWEET office. These people are awesome. Hope to hear from you soon.

The Best Dep Team EVER,
Bec, Mel, Bri, Ty.

Becca said...

Hey Bro! Well I just wanted to add that we here in Seattle are so glad you made it alive! That bum leg of yours is actually providing a lot of good: not just for soccer game front row seats but also for travelling advantages :) I hope you are doing well and look forward to hearing about your journeys... we will definately be praying for you. I have to add that the summer retreat will not be AS amazing of a UMin function without you!
your lil sis

Becca said...
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