Sunday, July 03, 2005

Dobar dan!

Hello everyone! After some technical difficulties, we have finally managed to get some more pictures posted for you to enjoy. We hope they give you a sense of what our experience in Fuzine has been like so far. We have been having a great time. See below for descriptions of each photo.

The first picture is of the lake and the town of Fuzine. It is so beautiful. On one of our walks around town, Lindsay nicknamed it "The Shire" because of all the greenery, flowers, and cute cottages!

The second picture is of Hope House, where we live. It is owned and operated by Life Center International, and is the place where the camps and conferences are held (until Friendship House, across the street, is all finished being remodeled).

The third picture is a group photo that was taken during the Advocates Europe conference (the conference for lawyers that we helped with when we first arrived). When they were were taking the picture, they said "People in front squat down." I guess lawyers don't follow instructions well, because we seem to be the only ones who did. (As Linz says, "that's why we look like gomers!").

(You can probably tell we are having a lot of fun!...)

Picture 4 is Hillary, Marin, Tea & Nikolina, making what Hillary refers to as "the monkey face." It has come in pretty handing for us non-Croation speakers! (A good way to make friends!). These kids are participants in the camp for kids who have had cancer, which is going on right now at Hope House.

Picture 5 is Lindsay, Milan & Marin hanging out outside Hope House on a sunny afternoon. These guys are great - we have grown pretty attached to them. We will be sad when the kids leave on Tuesday. :(

Pictures 6 and 7 are group photos taken during the week. Picture 6 is of us with some of the younger girls, before singing time the first night of camp. Picture 7 is us with some of the kids and our host "mom," Christine, in the woods when we hiked through a national park two days ago. (Before it started pouring rain & we had to run for cover!) At this park, the kids also got to do teambuilding games, including a high ropes course. Fun!

We hope you are all enjoying your summers as much as we are. Thank you for your continued support and prayers. We miss you and look forward to sharing these experiences with you in person when we get home. Love,

~Lindsay & Hillary~

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Brandon Bleek said...

Thanks for putting the pics on! They are beautiful. It looks like you guys are having a great time! Enjoy and know we are praying for you!
In Him,