Friday, July 01, 2005

Ireland has landed

Hello you all,

We have made it safely here in Belfast, Ireland . It was a "wee" bit long plane ride, but we managed. We are all so excited to be here and we will continue to send you updates throughout the week. We had a little bit of trouble getting through customs, but it was okay and they eventually let us into the country! So we are leaving for Carlow tomorrow (which is in the Republic of Ireland) and that is about a 5-6 hour drive. Carlow is where our first camp will be and it starts Monday! We are so excited and I can't believe I am here!! Later today they are taking us on a bus tour and then we will catch up on sleep! Right now we are having tea and crumpets...yeah tea and crumpets. Totally crazy and I am loving every bit of this culture!

Love you all and God Bless, Melinda and Ireland team


Elizabeth said...

Yay Ireland team!!!!! So glad they let you in :). Just wanted to let you know we're all praying for you here.
(and to becca---also wanted to let you know that our parents tracked your flight online all night last night... :)yay for parents too!)

Jeff Hoover said...

Hey Ireland...I'm glad you are all doing well. It's wednesday today so you have had three days of your first camp. I hope that you are already blessing and being blessed by our God. I miss you Lyn and am praying for you and your team everyday. -In Him - Jeff

Brian said...

Haha, glad to hear you're guys made in safely. You'll be at Lucan hopefully when you read this. Hope your first camp went well and you're all prepared for the next one. You all rock.

Miranda Drost said...

Melinda: You rock girl. I'm proud of you for going on this awesome adventure to my Homeland! Make me proud woman!