Friday, July 01, 2005

Turkey has arrived!

Turkey made it!
We finally made it to an internet cafe! The keyboard is very different here so you have to bare with my typing. We arrived safely at 5:00 yesterday evening. However, our baggage did not. Amy received both of her bags and I received my bag filled with arts and crafts. After Bens awesome help, picking us up at the airport and then checking us into our hotel room, we called the airline and found out that our baggage was in Antalya, boarding the next flight. After an amazing night spent at the pastors wedding, we went back to our rooms to sleep and at 3 in the morning, we got a call from the front desk telling us that our baggage had arrived!! Today, Ben took us on a bus ride so we could figure out our daily bus schedule to Aycov. What a beautiful place we will be working at!! We met some of the kids, which got us completely excited for our work on Monday...such awesome children fullof joy, and some are already learning English! We are super excited to see what fun plans the Lord has for us and how He is using us this summer to touch these childrens hearts! Our prayers are with everyone back at home and on the other missions!
Team Turkey

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