Sunday, July 17, 2005

India Update

This was written on the 13th:
A quick update from the other side of the world. We thought we should catchup on our updates. seeing as how we have now missed two mailings!First thing, everyone is well! That is a wonderful blessing.On Saturday, we had a day of R&R. We took a bus tour to Mysore. It wasbeautiful. We saw a palace, several temples, a Catholic church, RODE ANELEPHANT and took countless pictures of the monkeys running wild. The verylast stop was at the Brindivan Gardens. They were beautiful and as the sunset, we got a beautiful show from the illuminated fountains. It wasabolutely wonderfulWe spent Sunday afternoon at Asha Kiran Special Needs School for the SundayGet-Together. It is a Christian outreach that seeks to reach out to thestudents, families of the students and anyone living near the school. Thereis a bus that picks people up in Indiranagar (about twenty minutes from theschool) to allow more people to attend. Last weekend we had a decentturn-out. Mostly children have attended, but we have seen some response fromthe parents. It has been wonderful to share with all the children and beable to answer some questions.Matt and Joel are still staying at the school. The warden that was thereduring the month of June has left, so the boys have stepped in. It has beenvery beneficial to the two boys that board there. Both Matt and Joel havebeen able to form relationships with Adeep and Nandan. They have been ableto be positive role-models and also share the word of Jesus Christ. Thestronger the relationship grows, the more the boys become interested. Godworks in amazing ways.Prem and Rita continue to be great hosts. They have been great mentors androle-models for us. We learn so much from them each day. They are soinspiring and full of wisdom.We continue to ask for prayers for team unity, health, Prem and Rita, theSunday Get-Together and a warden for the hostile at Asha Kiran. We alsorequest prayers that we may be able to make a difference in these children'slives and that we may be able to reach new children.With Love,Meadow, Ashley, Joel, Matt

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