Sunday, July 10, 2005

Turkey pictures!

This is our arts and crafts room at the Aycov school - here we're helping with fingerprint paints. On Friday, we all had a blast teaching the kids gymnastics...they LOVED it!

This is us on one of our first days in Antalya drinking Turkish tea the "proper" way. To our suprise, a Turkish waiter informed us that this was in fact NOT the proper way to drink tea and was actually "VERY dangerous." (who in the world told us to simultaneously hold the saucer AND the cup??)

We visited the old city of Antalya, much of which is from 130 AD. Here we are peeking into the gates of the oldest structure in the area: originally a Roman temple, it was converted into a church and later a mosque. We were shown an old cross engraved in the was interesting and fun to see the evidence of Christ in this Muslim country.

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