Saturday, July 09, 2005


Hi everyone! Team St Petersburg is in St Petersburg!
Highlights so far:
Being interviewed by channels 4 and 5 at the airport before leaving Seattle. Famous Deputees!!
An incredibly turbulent flight from Seattle to
I think we got a ride to our hotel by the Russian mafia (the men with Mercedes and snakeskin shoes and big gold jewelry). Hey, we made it safely though.
Hot weather in Russia....hanging mosquito netting in our window so we don't get eaten alive.
It's like afternoon sunny yet it's almost 9pm here.
Rearranging the furniture in our "boat like" hotel room so us and our luggage will fit in there at the same time.

That's it! We're now off to find some food. Hope everyone else is well.

~Breanne, Carly, Kendra, Angela

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