Saturday, July 09, 2005

Ethiopia Update

Hello All,
The third week in Mekele is finished and we are in full stride finally. In the three English clubs being taught by Jamie, Kelly, Tim and me, we have over one hundred kids and in the two reading clubs taught by Jamie, Kelly and me, we have had over 70 kids. In English club we are learning about different countries and this week is IRELAND! Mike has been teaching a group advanced martial arts, Jamie has been going to martial arts in the mornings and I have been lifting weights with Trevor (The mighty Tennesseean). I started teaching HIV/AIDS classes this week and Mike started teaching computer classes and we will be teaching for the remained of the stay as the normal teachers are leaving for vacation this week. We are also excited to announce that Tim is the first white person to win a ping pong game in Ethiopia, we are inducting him into the Mekele white peoples hall of fame. In other
news the team will be running (or attempting) a 10K a week from Sunday (the 17th). We figured that we'll run faster since we are at the height airplanes fly at and hence are lighter, or not, but either way it will be fun!
Exciting news at the guys house, we are having a grill made! It was a concerted Tim and will be made out of a Barrel. We're planning on having a BBQ in a couple weeks and anyone who would like to make the trip is welcome to attend! The power was off today for a while as was the water, but it's back now and praises the Lord the toilet flushes! Finally, we have discovered the fruit Belas. They are cactus fruits and girls here sell them on the side of the streets. They cost 10 santeen (1.2 cents) so they make a tasty snack! Other than that all is well, no one has had any huge healthy issues, just colds and upset stomachs. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers and we'll talk to everyone soon!
With Much Love,
Mike, Tim, Kelly, Jamie and Matt (The Farengies, it means white people)

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