Saturday, July 02, 2005

An Update from Ethiopia

Brandon and Crew,
The second week here in Mekele is just about done and things are going well. If anything, we seem to keep getting busier. The English clubs didn't startthis week because kids had class, but well over 60 kids from ages 5 - 16 havesigned up to start next week. It's pretty exciting to see that so many kidswant to practice their English. Tons of other things have been happening at the youth center. This morningMatt, Tim, and Trevor (another guy helping out at the youth center, fromTennessee) organized a 3 on 3 basketball tournament. Matt's team ended upwinning, and we gave T-shirts for sportsmanship, which was pretty cool. Jamieand Kelly have been a huge success with their dances and the other things theyhave been doing at the youth center. The girls club this morning seemed a bitcrazy, with the huge soccer ball they were playing with, but everyone washaving a great time. I have been trying to figure out what I am doing as faras picking up the computer lessons so that I can take over for the currentteacher starting next week. I have also been doing martial arts 6 days aweek, taking taekwondo MWF, and teaching a smaller group of students onTues,Thurs,Sat. Oh! Tim managed to put his engineering skills to great useand made us some bug screens for the windows at the guy's house. Timcontinues to rock, clearly. All in all, things here have been going really well. We all are adjustingpretty well and having fun building relationships with the kids at the youthcenter. We would love continued prayers for health, wisdom in teaching thesekids English and in building relationships, and for our team to continue togrow closer.
Egziabher Yimesgin,
(Praise be to God)Mike, Matt, Jamie, Tim, and Kelly

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