Friday, July 01, 2005

Malawi.. first contact!

A message from Rachel and the team:
Muli Bwanji! Hi to everyone from all of us here in Malawi. Well, we have been here for over two weeks now, and we are having a great time. All ready God is teaching us so much about patience, teamwork, and above all, his love for all people. After a week of training we have started up our regular routine. The majority of our time is spent at Chitipi farm, a COTN home for orphaned children. Right now, there are about 30 kids living there with their house parents and aunties. Kenny and Nolan stay with two Malawian interns out at the farm, while we girls drive in each day from a house about 10 minutes away. The kids are amazing and have been a joy to get to know on a personal level. It took a few days to master all the names, but I think we all have them down. Our mornings are spent at the farm helping to clean and do light maintenance while the kids are in school. The afternoons are spent in various places and engaged in a variety of activity. We head to the village with the farm kids for outreach programs each week, we have helped with school work, and of course, done a whole lot of playing games. The kids had a great time learning to play kickball. We have also had the chance to go to a nearby village for discipleship and outreach two days a week at a place called mtsleiza where COTN helps to operate a feeding program for the local kids. At times it has been overwhelming, but still an amazing opportunity. The people have been so hospitable; I think it is a national tradition to feed visitors as much as possible. God has granted us good health and safety for the most part, with only some minor upsets. We continue to be excited about what God is doing in Malawi, and excited to be part of it. Well, until next time....Tionana.
Nolan, Carly, Melissa, Shannon, Rachel, and Kenny

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