Saturday, July 16, 2005


Sorry we haven't updated in such a long time! Our access to computers is limited. We successfully completed our first team/camp at Carlow (team pictured), and we had such a blast. The people, atmosphere, and overall experience was amazing. You might even say "Brilliant." We made so many great friends, we hope to meet up with some of them later in our trip. We had a couple days off after our Carlow camp, and stayed at a host family from the Lucan Presbyterian Church, Patricia and Roy. They were absolutely wonderful, they treated us very well with delicious meals and unlimited showers. Unlike Carlow. :) We took a day trip into Dublin and saw the Book of Kells which is a 1200 year old illuminated manuscript of the 4 gosples in Latin, on calfskin. Awesome. Becca was stoked. We were also able to make a trip out to see Trim Castle, which is where part of Braveheart was filmed. WICKED! Brian was stoked. We also went shopping at the nearby shopping center. Tyler was MORE than stoked, and bought more than he could ever need. On Thursday we cracked down to business, and met our new team in Lucan. We are sleeping at the local church, and the camp is held at the youth center about 10 min away, and starts this monday. The camp looks amazing, thanks to us Americans, we did a good clean up job. We've been doing a lot of prep work for the camp, and decorated the hall with the theme "It's God's World," lots of animals and a really AWESOME 3-D tree. Today was the day Harry Potter came out, so don't be worried, Becca got a copy. Phew! Prayers for our health, as hayfever/allergies seem to be on attack, as well as energy as this heat wave tends to zap energy pretty fast, and prayers also for the camp this coming week would be wonderful, as we share Christ with the kids and teens. After Lucan we have our week off, and we'll talk to you then. We miss you all, and hope the weather isn't "mingin'" at home. Irish slang, look it up. Cheers.
God Bless,
Melinda, Becca and the rest of the team.


brian said...

I don't know if you guys even read these but it's fun to write anyway. So many faces in Carlow, so many memories. Enjoy Lucan guys!!

Becca said...

We read 'em Brian! And I passed off your letter. And they were all happy to know you say hello. Hope you're doing well!

Malia said...

well after seeing brian's comment..i thought...i need to write something!! this kind of stuff!...and i also wanted to say hello..know that you all are in our prayers...and i think about you four ALL the time..probably too much!...enjoy your time in lucan...and i cant wait to hear about what you do with your time off!!.....cheers!