Saturday, July 09, 2005

India Update

Hello from India!
Last week was perhaps the most eventful week, thus far. I got sick. The
oh-so dreaded sickness that we have been warned about. Well, I got
dehydrated to the point that Prem and Rita had to take me to the hospital to
get an IV drip started. All is well now though. After leaving the hospital we headed for a ministry called The Potter's Wheel. There is a lady, Joanne, who is from the US, who lives in a village with about twenty or thirty people. They export handmade pottery to the US and live off of the funds from the pottery. Every morning and night they have a Bible reading and have worship on Sundays. They all have Bibles that are printed in their mother tongue. It's amazing to see what God is doing in these people's lives. On Monday, we went to an Indian wedding. It was quite the event. There were about two-thousand people there. The service lasted about an hour and a half and the reception was a good four hours. Prem did the closing prayer for the wedding service. The reception was complete with dance performances, songs and speakers. After the reception, we joined the other couple thousand people for some dinner. It was very spicy! It was wonderful to see how God
unite's people and learn about what these people are doing with different ministries. Yesterday we got the opportunity to visit a post-graduate college and other ministries. The name of the college was South Asian Institute of Advanced Christian Studies. It draws students from all over. Currently there are about 120 students. One of the ministries we visited supports children whose parents are in prison. It gives them a place to live, food to eat, a family to love them and a place to learn about God. There are over one hundred children there and they spend time each day learning the Word. The other ministry that we visited was started by a rickshaw driver. He goes around and picks up homeless ill people. He cleans them up, gives them
shelter and a place to live. What he is doing is so wonderful. These people wouldn't have a chance without him. Prem and Rita have been wonderful hosts. They treat us as though we are just some more of their own children. They are so full of wisdom and are very inspiring. We have learned so much already from them.
We continue to ask for prayers for Prem and Rita, Asha Kiran school and our team. We especially ask that you lift up those who have been affected by the tragic attack in London on Thursday. Our thoughts and prayers are with those and all of our family and friends that are accross the world.
Meadow, Ashley. Matt. Joel

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